Monday, July 31, 2006

Eye Spy 5: From a Mobile Phone

For almost a year now, I have been using my mobile phone camera (Nokia 6230i) in capturing some interesting pictures when I don't have with me my digicam at that moment.

Having my mobile phone's memory full to the brim one time, I have to delete some images to make way for new ones. From there I have realised that perhaps these images are worth uploading to my blogsite. Have a look.

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One of the amazing residential developments in Isle of Dogs.

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Glimpse of catamarans before the London-Nice race.

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Glass roofs of ROH

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At the seaside, Sussex.

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From a Tate Modern's exhibition.

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The audience at the Marriage of Figaro.

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Boat spotting along the Thames.

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Walking towards Charing Cross Station.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

No Worries

MV Ilona from my office desk's window.

Sometimes when you feel a bit worried about what the future may bring knowing there is a foreseeable storm in your life, it is best to just listen to what the others and the One up above have to say. He lead me to this poem by Wallace Irwin:

The Worried Skipper

"I hates to think of dyin'," says the skipper to the mate;
"Starvation, shipwrecks, heart disease,
I loathe to contemplate.
I hates to think of vanities
And all the crimes they lead to."

"Then," says the mate,
With looks sedate,
"Ye doesn't really need to."
"It fills me breast with sorrer," says the skipper with a sigh,
"To conjer up the happy days what careless has slipped by.

I hates to contemplate the day I ups and left me Mary."
"Then," says the mate,
"Why contemplate, if it ain't necessary?"
"Suppose that this here vessel," says the skipper with a groan,
"Should lose 'er bearin's, run away, and hump upon a stone.

Suppose she'd shiver and go down, when save ourselves we couldn't."
The mate replies,"Oh, blow me eyes!
Suppose ag'in, she shouldn't?"
"The chances is agin' us," says the skipper in dismay;
"If fate don't kill us out and out, it gits us all some day.

So many perish of old age, the death rate must be fearful."
"Well," says the mate, "At any rate, we might as well die cheerful."
"I read in them statistic books," the nervous skipper cries,
"That every minute by the clock some feller up and dies;
I wonder what disease they gits that kills in such a hurry."

The mate he winks
and says "I thinks
they mostly dies of worry."
"Of certain things," the skipper sighs, "me conscience won't be rid,
And all the wicked things I done I sure should not have did.

The wrinkles on me inmost soul
compel me oft to shiver."
"Yer soul's first rate,"
Observes the mate,
"The trouble's with yer liver."

Wallace Irwin was a poet, playwright and journalist. Born in 1875 and died in 1959. He wrote quite a few other poems including A Nautical Extravagance.

I pray that in time of trouble, I will remain assured. For I know He will calm the storm and never leave me alone.

No worries then.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Still Here Like the Thames

Yesiree, I'm still here. Tripping my life fantastic. I tend to get caught up in myself and push blogging to the side. Gotta go again. I will be back.

Sure and calm. Greenwich Power Station from Island Gardens.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Farm and Fields

... A visit to Godstone Farm in Surrey and a walk through the vast fields of rural Kent.

Friday, May 05, 2006


When my wife and I celebrated our anniversary, part of my surprise for her during the evening was a dinner at the OXO Tower Restaurant. I could have just reserved at the brasserie but I thought it would be better to make the evening more special as I am sure that was how she would have wanted it to be for the two of us.

Just the two of us. Who would have imagined the two of us leaving our comfort zones back home, in exchange of the adventures and thrills of independent lives here?

Living here in London, away from our families, has definitely moulded us into becoming a couple with a higher element of respect and understanding of the people from all walks of life. Being the melting pot that it is, London has offered lots of acquaintances and friends and opened a significant number of opportunities for us two. However, if it is just the two of us here, it only means that it is also just the two of us who get to support each other during challenging times. I guess that is the acid test for marriage. Good thing we have faith, hope and the big L in this partnership of ours. We are extremely grateful for that.

Going back to OXO Tower Restaurant. The ambience was great, the view from our table was fantastic, the staff were superb, and the food and choices were excellent.

Did I hear you ask about the 'damage'? Ah, being charged £!%&@# surely made it unforgettable.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

KitKat Time

A few weeks' break from blogging beckons....

For now, I leave you with a picture from our recent stroll along Mudchute: a farm (and park) in the city.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Eye Spy 4: London in Subdued Colours

From left to right:

St Paul's and the Millenium Bridge.

▪ A
Scots Guard at the Buckingham Palace.

▪ Facade of the north entrance of Westminster Abbey.

▪ Still in London: a sphinx guarding Cleopatra's Needle.

▪ At the
V&A Museum.

Victoria Memorial.

Battle of Britain War Memorial.

▪ A view of
Rotherhithe from Isle of Dogs.

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